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OpenLDAP on Debian Woody - Add-On: smbldap-tools


This doc basically is just a "work-log" of experimenting with the smbldap-tools by IDEALX. It's thought to be an add-on to my LDAP HOWTO "Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody to serve Linux and Samba users".
The smbldap-tools consist of Perl-scripts which can ease the administration of Linux- and Samba-Users as well as Windows-client-machines with an LDAP-tree.

Though this sounds promising, I did not use the smbldap-tools eventually in my LDAP-setup for the following reasons:

Nevertheless, if you're interested, here's my work-log (which is based on the article Implementing a Samba LDAP Primary Domain Controller Setup on Mandrake 9.x) ...

The work-log

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