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Postfix HOWTO for Debian Woody


All I did was entering dselect, selected "postfix" to be installed and accepted the dependencies. dselect's [I]nstall installs everything.
(You could also run "apt-get install postfix", of course ...)

During the installation you're asked whether your site is an "Internet site", "Internet site using smarthost", etc. I chose "Internet site" (as my system shall send and receive mails using one dedicated host-name "yellow.subnet.at").
The other questions during the installation are:

With this Debian default installation, Postfix works perfectly locally. The following is possible:

Using this Postfix installation to send mails from a different machine to miscellaneous mailing-addresses (not "yellow-local") is not possible due to "Relay denied". (See e.g. the config file's "relay_domains" option on this one. My sample main.cf can be found below.)

Some "Tuning"

It's always a good idea to deactivate the VRFY command (which is often used by spammers to easily find out about in/valid mailboxes):

Add to /etc/postfix/main.cf:
  disable_vrfy_command = yes

Postfix and Mailman

I finally got this combination work correctly... Please see my Mailman Howto.

Here's my main.cf including the corresponding Mailman configuration.

Postfix Resources

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