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"Jiotto - A Java Framework Implementing the Giotto Semantics"


Jiotto is a Java framework implemented using the Real-Time Specification for Java. Jiotto's ideas are based on the Giotto project: This is an approach to embedded real-time programming which -- above all -- separates a program's functionality and timing from the underlying platform.
Jiotto offers a way to develop programs in pure Java while still following the Giotto paradigm. Jiotto's RTSJ-compliance provides the developer with a broad range of possibilities such as various runtime environments or hardware platforms specifically designed for RTSJ.
After an overall introduction in chapter 1, chapter 2 covers general topics concerning real-time systems.
The ideas as well as the components of Giotto are explained in chapter 3. Chapter 4 deals with Java related topics, especially considering its real-time capabilities.
The design of the Jiotto framework and the corresponding development process leading to it are presented in chapter 5.
Simulating the control of an elevator and thus pointing out the applicability of Jiotto to real-world problems is shown in chapter 6.
The document concludes with final thoughts and comments in chapter 7.


"A Java Framework for Giotto"

Besides the thesis above, the following paper was created by M. Amersdorfer, H. Hagenauer, W. Pohlmann.

[Amersdorfer et al., 2005]
M. Amersdorfer, H. Hagenauer, W. Pohlmann. A Java Framework for Giotto. In O. Niggemann H. Giese, editor, Preliminary Proceedings of OMER3 - Workshop on Object-Oriented Modeling of Embedded Real-Time Systems, volume tr-ri-05-261 of Bericht, pages 97-102, Paderborn, Germany, 2005. Uni Paderborn.


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